Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ms. Wareham Vocab Part 1

If you're looking for an easy way to study vocab in Ms. Wareham's Honors English 10 class, I made a Quizlet with all the vocab in PART 1. Part 2 will be up sometime later this week.

A Rasin in the Sun Vocab Part 1

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thoughts From the Movies

Sometimes going to the movies makes me depressed purely because I am overcome with emotions. I read too deep into movies, I mean way too deep.
As I sit down into those comfy red seats my mind places me inside the film, whether it's The Hangover or Interstellar I am somehow placed right into the film. My brain creates backstories upon backstories of the characters; I go home and dream about being in the movie, somehow Bradley Cooper is my cousin and I'm getting ruffied at his wedding and suddenly I am a part of the movie. So there is that side of the movies, where I am immersed by characters and creativity courses through my brain.
But then I am depressed because I'm not part of the movie. I'm not an astronaut saving the world. I don't have a substitute teacher that decides to turn our class into a rock band. I don't live in New York city helping those with mental instabilities. I'm not smart enough to take a day off school and completely hijack the city of Chicago. I'm not Abraham Lincoln.
But I want to be.
Here's where it gets tricky, every time I come home from the movies I say to myself, "I'm not in college yet, I could be that astronaut" or "I could be that doctor saving the lives of all those soldiers." I think about all the important jobs I could have to contribute to society and then I think about my dream. My selfish dream to be a writer and filmmaker. What a stupid dream, not even worth it.
But that's where I'm wrong. Movies are an important job, because they cause emotion, like the kind of emotion and thought that I am overcome with every time I step out of a movie theater or finish an episode of television. When I think about that, my passion for film is magnified. Movies have the ability to change people, just as they inspire me to want to be a doctor or an astronaut, what if making a movie influenced someone else to have a passion for that area.
While I'm not a mathematician, I am a writer. While I may not be a good writer, as this blog entry is proof of, I can only get better. My mind has so many ideas bouncing off of the edges of my cranium waiting to be spilled onto a page, but until then I am stuck in high school, waiting for my chance to come, waiting (literally and figuratively) for my movie.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November Update

Hmmm, so what have I been up to lately? Well one thing is for sure, I can't break the habit of posting something and then not posting for like three weeks, oh well sorry. Back to my question, what has happened lately.
1. New YouTube Videos!
I have made two new videos recently but neither of them are my typical "weekly" videos. The first is my playing of Adagio et Rondo on tenor saxophone. I recorded it as an audition piece for  the boarding schools I am applying to and unfortunately it is just audio so you get to look at a picture of my beautiful face the whole time you listen to it.
I also made a video for the Tonight Show, Tonight Show U2 Lip Sync, which is a fun video but I have no chance of "winning" or my video getting put on the show because of two reasons a. U2 didn't even perform (at least not yet) because Bono got hurt and b. I submitted it on Monday not Sunday when the deadline was. OHHHHH WELL IT'S STILL A HILARIOUS VIDEO!

2. I have been working endlessly on boarding school essays and boarding school related things. My ACT scores came back and my math score was disappointing which means I have to retake the test in December and move my SSAT back to January. I have to study like crazy for the math section on the ACT until then. 

3. This past weekend my soccer team had a tournament in North Carolina. It was so much fun, a lot of work, but overall we did awesome coming in second place overall. I score FOUR goals, three of which were the first goal of the game! For those of you who don't know me, I'm not trying to brag, it's just I have never EVER scored that many goals in one tournament in my life. EVER. The last game was a heartbreaker, it was pouring rain and all the parents were huddled under umbrellas or in their cars, and the game came down to PKs. I missed mine (I know after my awesome streak), but I still give myself credit for being the brave soul that volunteered to go first when nobody else would step up, and at least the goalie had to save my shot unlike one of my teammate's whose shot went strait over the goal. No hard feelings against her though because if it weren't for her we wouldn't have even gotten to PKs because she scored the game tying goal. 
Club Ohio Black Team, we are tired and ready to leave NC 
4. Hmmm, what else have I been up to? Today I got my varsity jacket, it's really conceited but I am in love with it. Finally a little tangible gratification for all the hard work I have put in to soccer. 

5. It's almost Thanksgiving and I don't have to go to school for 5 days which means I get to do math homework for daaaaayyyyyyyysssss. Oh well, my fault for not time managing better. 

6. I can't think of anything else. Bye. 

New T-Shirt!

Hey, so today I got board and found this sweet picture of Jimmy Fallon that gave me an idea for a new t-shirt, so I made one. I just ordered it so I don't have pictures of it to model but it is on my online store if you would like to purchase it. Emma Dyer's Online Store Here is what it looks like.

Friday, October 24, 2014


Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you guys that I actually attended a social convention this year. I went to homecoming, here are the amazing pictures from it.