Friday, October 24, 2014


Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you guys that I actually attended a social convention this year. I went to homecoming, here are the amazing pictures from it.

Boarding Schools Round 2

So if you have stalked my blog yet, you already know that last year I applied to boarding school. Well unfortunately it didn't work out, I was wait listed for both schools, so I'm still in good ol' Westerville. So, yeah, this year I'm applying to Exeter and Andover again but I'm also applying to the Lawrenceville School and Mercersburg Academy. I'm really excited but also extremely nervous because I REALLLLLLY want to get accepted to at least one.
Everyone always (I know using those two words in the same sentence is dangerous) asks me why I have the desire to go to boarding school. Well there is a bs answer and the truth. The bs answer is because I want a better education than offered in Westerville, which is 100% true, but it's not my main reason. My main reason is because I want to go to a prestigious university. Unfortunately despite No Child Left Behind and other attempts by our government to equal out the educational playing field we still live in a pay to play society. If I go to ANY of those schools and maintain a decent GPA, it's guaranteed that I will get in to at least 2 of my top 3 schools one of them being Ivy League. They don't mess around. I want to go into film one of the hardest career choices ever, and having a name is sometimes all it takes.

It sucks. I know. It bothers me. In annoys me. It keeps me up at night.

I'm not saying that I wouldn't be successful if I graduated from Westerville and didn't go to the top program in the nation; with my determination of course I would be successful, but is successful all I want in life? I want to be the best, I know this is extremely arrogant, but it's true. I don't want to work for the Hallmark channel, I want to work for NBC. And money and a name is sometimes all it takes.
This is not undermining the prestige of the schools I'm applying to. All of these schools are extremely beneficial to me as a person. The programs they offer clearly put me ahead of the competition, which is why their names carry such a heavy weight and the price is not cheap. I would be honored to be accepted at any of these schools and believe they are not only the key to my success but eventually the overall happiness of my life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Egg Drop

So today was that fateful day of most high school students. The egg drop. IT SURVIVEDDDDDDDDDDDDD. So happy :)

A Letter to Justin Bieber

Dear Justin Bieber,

Why do you look like a high school girl with short hair? I understand that this is a popular hair style but you must understand that there are serious repercussions to your fashion choices.
I am constantly ridiculed for looking like you. Your reputation as a tattooed druggie from Canada has tarnished my own name.
The other day I was playing in a soccer match for my high school. As I was walking back to my car one of the students from the opposing team yelled, "Hi Justin, Bye Justin!" You may think this is the coolest thing ever that people see you as a prominent figure in our culture but let me tell you the truth IT SUCKS!!!! Not only are people ignorant, they just can't imagine that a person who looks like Justin Bieber is any form of a person at all. No, they must be some lame embarrassment to society.
So thank you Justin, for making a fool of yourself when you had every, literally every, opportunity to do anything for the world, but you decided to get arrested, do drugs, and get a million tattoos. I'm glad that at least someone is having fun in this world.

Emma Dyer

Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Online T-Shirt Store!

So recently someone requested the url to my t-shirt shop. In case you were unaware, yes, I have an online store! Currently it only has one shirt, purely because I haven't thought anyone was interested in it, so I might make a few more soon. Anyway check it out! Emma Dyer's Online Store

The only shirt in the store currently is this...

Toronto International Film Festival 2014!!!!!

Hey guys! Long time no correspondence, ehh. Once again, sorry. It's not like anyone reads this anyway.
So this year was the second time that I have attended TIFF and let me say this year exceeded my expectations. My family and I drove up to Toronto, arriving midmorning on Friday the 5th. That night I saw The Crows Egg which was an Indian film about two boys from a slum that had never tasted pizza and really wanted to try it. This is a really poor description of the film, but it was an amazing display of what a majority of India is like; many, if not most, people live in slums. These boys were trying to save up 300 rupees, which is a TON of money to someone in their circumstances, but to us that's about $5.00. It wasn't a blockbuster film but is was really educating and interesting to watch. Next I saw Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Of the movies that I saw this one is the most likely to be nominated for an Academy Award. Jake's performance was stunning, as he portrayed a sociopathic man. His acting was spot on and the story (the premise surrounds the free-lance news videographer industry) was captivating. Unfortunately there was one mishap with the trip, we accidentally got tickets for Men, Women, and Children for Saturday, September 13 instead of the 6. I didn't get to see the movie (sad day), but I was there for the red carpet. I got to see Ansel Elgort, Jennifer Gartner, and Adam Sandler up close and personal. It was surreal. (*cough *cough this is the third time I've seen Ansel in person). After, was the highlight of the trip. I saw James Franco's The Sound and the Fury which is based off of the William Faulkner novel. Not only were we in VIP seats, but I got to talk to some of the cast who was sitting next to us and TALK TO JAMES FRANCO ABOUT THE FILM!!!! It was so stinkin' awesome, I don't have an adequate vocabulary to describe the experience. Lastly, I saw Boychoir, which was also very well done. It was a Gala presentation (to top tier of films at the festival) but I'm not sure if it will win any awards, maybe for music coordination or something, but it was a film with a very specific audience. Not to take away from how good it was, and I got to meet the lead actor Garrett Wareing, this was his first feature film and he was phenomenal. So, yeah, another cool experience to put into my memories. Enjoy the photos from my trip.