Saturday, September 13, 2014

My Online T-Shirt Store!

So recently someone requested the url to my t-shirt shop. In case you were unaware, yes, I have an online store! Currently it only has one shirt, purely because I haven't thought anyone was interested in it, so I might make a few more soon. Anyway check it out! Emma Dyer's Online Store

The only shirt in the store currently is this...

Toronto International Film Festival 2014!!!!!

Hey guys! Long time no correspondence, ehh. Once again, sorry. It's not like anyone reads this anyway.
So this year was the second time that I have attended TIFF and let me say this year exceeded my expectations. My family and I drove up to Toronto, arriving midmorning on Friday the 5th. That night I saw The Crows Egg which was an Indian film about two boys from a slum that had never tasted pizza and really wanted to try it. This is a really poor description of the film, but it was an amazing display of what a majority of India is like; many, if not most, people live in slums. These boys were trying to save up 300 rupees, which is a TON of money to someone in their circumstances, but to us that's about $5.00. It wasn't a blockbuster film but is was really educating and interesting to watch. Next I saw Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Of the movies that I saw this one is the most likely to be nominated for an Academy Award. Jake's performance was stunning, as he portrayed a sociopathic man. His acting was spot on and the story (the premise surrounds the free-lance news videographer industry) was captivating. Unfortunately there was one mishap with the trip, we accidentally got tickets for Men, Women, and Children for Saturday, September 13 instead of the 6. I didn't get to see the movie (sad day), but I was there for the red carpet. I got to see Ansel Elgort, Jennifer Gartner, and Adam Sandler up close and personal. It was surreal. (*cough *cough this is the third time I've seen Ansel in person). After, was the highlight of the trip. I saw James Franco's The Sound and the Fury which is based off of the William Faulkner novel. Not only were we in VIP seats, but I got to talk to some of the cast who was sitting next to us and TALK TO JAMES FRANCO ABOUT THE FILM!!!! It was so stinkin' awesome, I don't have an adequate vocabulary to describe the experience. Lastly, I saw Boychoir, which was also very well done. It was a Gala presentation (to top tier of films at the festival) but I'm not sure if it will win any awards, maybe for music coordination or something, but it was a film with a very specific audience. Not to take away from how good it was, and I got to meet the lead actor Garrett Wareing, this was his first feature film and he was phenomenal. So, yeah, another cool experience to put into my memories. Enjoy the photos from my trip.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Lookbook

Although you may not know this about me, I really enjoy fashion. I enjoy men's fashion better than women's, but I happen to be a female that wears clothes so I do keep up with trends. I consider my style classy east coast, but you can decide for yourself in my new summer lookbook video!


Well, nothing much has happened in the past week. My schedule basically is soccer, soccer, sleep, soccer, repeat. This Friday I'm going Duke University for soccer camp and I am stoked. It should be a ton of fun and a break from the humdrum routine of high school soccer. Anyway, just a quick update. Byeeeeee.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer 2014

NEW VIDEO!!! What have I been up to lately? Let's find out!


So the coolest thing in my entire life happened on June 2, 2014. My mom and I were staying in New York City and on the last day of our vacation we were determined to get tickets to see the Tonight Show. How do you do this one might ask. Well, tickets are free and they release them online like a month in advance, but those tickets sell out in like 5 minutes, it's ridiculous. So the person who is determined to get tickets wakes up at 4 in the morning and plans to wait outside of Rockefeller until 9:00 AM when the hand out standby tickets. They give out a 100 tickets, but generally only the top 10 get in. We got there right on time and were numbers 5 and 6 in line. While waiting in line, I went over to the Today Show while my mom saved my space. The people around us were nice enough to let my spot in line be saved. I went over and saw Ansel Elgort, Shailene Woodly, and John Green because they were continuing their press tour leading up to the premiere in NYC! Once we got our standby tickets we went to the hotel and walked around while waiting for our time to report back to Rockefeller. We checked in, waited some more, reported back again, and got in line. While waiting I got to meet this really stinkn' awesome guy from Australia who was a huge John Green fan like myself. He learned about John through watching his Crash Course American History videos on YouTube because he was moving to America and needed some basics on our country. He was so cool and a genuine nerdfighter. It was funny because he didn't even know John was an author until he looked him up, he was purely watching Crash Course to learn about America. He then read all of his books and is now a huge fan. Unfortunately the Aussie was number 50 in line and didn't get into the show to see Ansel, who is in the TFIOS movie. So we waited in line, and finally they gave us our tickets. It was fantastic. We were in. We also go wrist bands, which is the only thing we got to keep. You can't take pictures in the studio and you don't get to keep your tickets, which is kind of a bummer, but I got a selfie with it. So yeah, on the show that night was Rickey Gervais, Ansel Elgort, and Miranda Lambert, but they also did a pre-recorded segment (we didn't know we were going to watch them film it) with Jeff Daniel and Jim Carrey!!!!! It was amazing, I have never been in the presence of more talented people. I mean, all I cared about was to see Jimmy because he is my hero, any of the guests that were cool was an added bonus. The fact that Ansel was on the show and I'm such a huge TFIOS fan was all a coincidence. So, there you have it, a summary of the greatest day of my life.
Super ratchet picture, my hair looks atrocious, but it's real.


So this summer has been by far the best summer of my life. I basically completely forgot about this blog over the summer, but I'm determined not to forget as often. Once again I will be spamming you with photos and memories of my summer. Because nobody reads this blog it's mainly so that in the future I won't forget how awesome summer 2014 was.